SoloCandy - Troubleshooting

If you cannot find the solution to your problem in the troubleshooting section, please contact our customer support.

Restart SuitestDrive

Restart SuitestDrive after applying any fixes to allow changes to take effect.

Issues with USB extensions/hubs

Issues may occur when the SoloCandy is used in conjunction with USB extensions or hubs. Your mileage may vary when using USB extensions or hubs dependent on their quality and length.

Linux user rights

On Linux the user (that is running SuitestDrive) must be a member of the dialout group (can vary based on distribution). Make sure that your SoloCandy is plugged in and then run stat /dev/ttyACM0 in terminal to check what group contains the permissions.

Multiple users

On all operating systems if one user is logged in with a running SuitestDrive and another logged in user starts SuitestDrive, conflicts can occur with the SoloCandy service. Please try to avoid having multiple users on one machine running SuitestDrive with the SoloCandy.

My blaster does not work

Make sure that you have located the infrared receiver on the hull of the device.

  • Try pressing and holding a button on the device remote and watch out for a blinking light. The receiver is usually located in the place where the light comes from.

  • If you do not see a light, try covering different areas on the frame with e.g. your cell phone and pressing buttons on your remote control. If the device does not react to the button presses, the receiver is most likely covered by the phone.