Testing using Test editor

Questions you may encounter while testing with Suitest. If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact us.

When I export a test and them import it into a different application are my elements copied as well?

No. At the moment when you export a test to a different app the elements saved within the repository are only for that particular app, they are not tied to the test.

How would I check if an element is in a focused state using the test editor?

This greatly depends on the platform you are testing and the implementation of your application.


There are several ways to check if an element is in a focused state:

  • Contents of class attribute
  • Comparing elements visual attributes (text color, border color etc.)

To check for a button in a focused state using the contents of the class attribute, the element of the button should have something along the lines of "Focused" or "ButtonFocused" in the elements class attribute (CSS Selector).

  1. Navigate to the element with the Virtual Remote Control (VRC) or your normal TV control so that the element is in a focused state.

  2. Go to the Element repository (Elements tab) select the element that is in a focused state and save it. More information about selecting elements.

  3. Switch to the test editor (Tests tab).

  4. Add an Assert line.

  5. Select element as the subject.

  6. Select the element you wish to do the assertions on. In the class attribute, switch to the comparator to contains and for example "ButtonFocused" or keep it as it is if you need it to exactly equal the class.

The second option is comparing elements visual attributes to see if the state of the element has changed.

  1. Repeat steps 1 to 5 as seen above. Additionally, you can save the element in normal (unfocused state) to the element repository to be able to tell what properties have changed.

  2. Select the element you wish to do the assertions on. In the properties of the element compare background color, for example, the color was rgba(0,0,0,1.0) in unfocused state and once focused the color is rgba(0,0,255,0). Depending on the style changes of your element there could be a multitude of properties to compare when the element is in a focused state. Find what attributes work for your particular element.

Xbox (One, Series X/S) Native

Xbox Native has Focus properties which can be used to check if a particular element is in a focused state. Learn more about Focus properties.

Can I use any custom methods/functions in the test editor?

In the case of HTML-based platforms, you are able to execute a JavaScript code in the application runtime. Look at Execute command line and JS comparison line for further details.

Can I use conditions or other statements in the Test editor?

For conditional statements and loops, you can either use Run test line to run snippets or Execute command line to execute JavaScript code.

Why does not Test editor allow me to record and play the test steps?

Recording of navigation is supported only for HTML-based platforms at the moment. We are constantly working on enabling as many individual features as possible on all the supported platforms.

What does "not available for the current platform" mean?

Due to the technical differences of all the supported platforms, Suitest does not support all the test lines across all the supported platforms. For further details, please check the individual test lines description inside test operations documentation.

How can we integrate Suitest with any ALM tool (Test and defect management) like JIRA?

Continuous integration and automated runs are enabled through Test packs and our Network API. We are planning to make it easier in the future.

What are the reporting options? Can we create custom reports from Suitest data?

We have an option to export reports in PDF, XLSX, and CSV formats. You can also download a JSON version through our Network API. With some work, you should be able to create custom reports on your side.

What programming languages other than JavaScript are supported by Suitest?

At the moment we only support creating tests in our Test editor or using Suitest JavaScript API. We plan to implement WebDriver API, but there is currently no ETA available.