Working with Jetpack compose and Accessibility service elements

Jetpack compose is a toolkit for building Android Native UI. This toolkit differs from standard Android Native development, therefore Suitest had to be adapted in order to allow you proper testing.

Accessibility service is an Android service for improving the UI in order to make device more accessible to people with certain impairments.

Using our instrumentation library, Suitest supports testing of both the above mentioned element types, but with a few technical limitations - see below.


Unfortunately, there is a bug in older Android OS versions, therefore Suitest allows testing of given elements only on Android version 12 and newer (API 31+).

Element selection

When storing your application elements into the Suitest Element repository, you are unfortunately not able to select given elements using the Suitest mouse selection tool.

Nevertheless, elements are selectable from the Page structure as child nodes of a node named AccessibilityService (applies also to Jetpack compose elements). Besides that, elements can be also searched for by property (except for using color property).

Element properties

Additionally, only the following properties can be asserted on:

  • has focus
  • height
  • id
  • is checked
  • is clickable
  • is enabled
  • is focusable
  • is selected
  • left
  • package name
  • textual content
  • top
  • visibility
  • width