Instrumenting NextGen TV / ATSC 3.0 apps

Suitest can automatically instrument NextGen TV / ATSC 3.0 applications or, if necessary, you can make changes manually. At this point you should have a working NextGen TV / ATSC 3.0 device in your Suitest account.

Your app needs to be hosted on an URL for this to work.

Automatic instrumentation with Suitestify

Suitestify is a proxy able to automatically insert the Suitest instrumentation library into your application or website. With Suitestify you do not need to make any physical changes to your app.

To use Suitestify for instrumentation, select the Use Suitestify to inject the library automatically option, then specify all domain names from which your app is getting its resources. Please note that the app's URL needs to be publicly accessible for Suitestify to work.

Use Suitestify - specify domains of resources needed

Save the configuration and try running your app on a device. If everything went well, you should see your app start. On top of your app you should see the Suitest badge.

Suitest badge with Connected status when app is running

In rare cases if your app starts but appears to be broken, you will need to configure a few more things.

Manual instrumentation

You should only fallback to manual instrumentation if you are sure that Suitestify is not suitable for your type of project.

Copy and paste the code snippet from the Suitest configuration page into every HTML file of your application. For best results put it as the first script element in your HTML file right after the opening <head> tag.

Inserting Suitest instrumentation library for HTML apps

Instrumentation library in production

When inserting the Suitest instrumentation library, ensure you do not accidentally release the app to production with the Suitest code included. Suitest code is intended for testing and could impact the user experience of your application.