Interactive mode error messages that you may encounter

When a device is being tested in interactive mode, the bugs and error messages that you will receive will be displayed directly in the test editor. If Suitest encounters an error or bug at any stage of the execution of a test, the error will appear at the test line it was encountered at. This is great as you can exactly see what went wrong and where.

If you find errors that are not described in this document and do not know how to solve them, contact us.

[Subject] expected to match JS function.

The subject (element, cookie, current location etc.) is expected to match the JS function used. For example, "Element expected to match JS function". Verify that your boolean is correctly set (true or false) and correct syntax is used.

An exception [the exception found] is not defined was thrown while executing command [your command].

An JS exception is thrown based on your command, please check that the command that you are trying to execute is valid and has correct JS syntax. For example, "An exceptions [Cannot read property 'openArticle' of undefined] was...".

App seems to have crashed.

Occurs when the app is having trouble executing, basically meaning that Suitest sees that the app has crashed by seeing the Bootstrap app ID during the execution. The app crashing could be for a multitude of reasons, such as network disconnection or simply the app not functioning correctly even without Suitest.

Application could not be launched. Please verify you have provided URL for this configuration.

Occurs when the URL of the application is not valid or the host cannot be reached. Verify that the URL in app's configuration is correct and has a valid format or verify that the host is reachable from the Internet.

Application did not respond for 60 seconds.

Occurs when the instrumentation library (IL) fails to connect back to Suitest within 60 seconds. The main reasons for this to happen is that the IL is not included in the app or network issues between the device/Suitest. For package based application it is possible that the IL was not linked correctly from the package, check the setting up application for further information.

Application is not running

Occurs when running any assertion in these cases:

  • The application was not running

  • Application was running but the instrumentation library is not inserted correctly. If using Suitestify the app opened a domain which is not in the domain list.

  • Network issues between the device / Suitest.

Configuration variable [var name] is not defined.

Occurs when the variable is not defined in the configuration variables of the application. Define the variable into the app's configurations and check the variables format is correct.

Occurs when the cookie does not equal to the expected result. Value of the cookie may be incorrect or a bug was successfully found in the app.

Could not start execution because "Run Test" command on [line number] refers to non-existing test or referred test has it's own references to non-existing tests.

Occurs when a test does not exist in Suitest. Verify that all non-existent test references are either fixed or removed from your tests.

Cyclic reference detected

Occurs when a group of snippets reference each other in a way that they are dependent. If a cyclic reference is detected then the test will not be started to avoid never-ending execution of the test. For example, test A calls test B and then test B calls test A which means that they are dependent on each other. Meaning that test A cannot function correctly without test B and the other way around.

Device does not support the button [btn name].

Occurs when the button pressed is not included in the driver or not supported on the platform / device.

Device failed while pressing [btn name] button.

Occurs when a button press was sent but there was an error and the device didn't not receive the button press. This can be caused by a network issues for example between Suitest and the CandyBox during the press, mainly by the stability of network. Retry the test, if problems persist restart your devices, make sure that your network is fully functional.

Element [element name] does not exist.

Occurs when the element cannot be found on the current page of the app. The wrong element was selected or a bug in the app was found.

Element [elements name] failed to meet specified conditions

During test execution, the element does not match the snapshot (within the element repository) or user defined values, the property or properties that do not match are shown. For example the expected background color is rgba(235,73,151,1) however the actual value is rgba(16,16,28,1). The snapshot / defined values may need to be updated or a bug was successfully found in the app.

Element has no assertions properties defined.

Occurs when an element is selected as a subject in a test line, however the test line is not complete and no element was selected from the element repository. Complete the test line by selecting an element from the element repository or create a new element.

Failed to open the Suitest application. Make sure, that TV is tuned to correct channel.

Occurs when the device is not tuned to the Suitest channel. Before Suitest shows you this error it tries the following steps:

1. Sending EXIT key to the device
2. Executing user defined boot sequence
3. Turning the device off
4. Turning the device on

After each troubleshooting attempt Suitest waits 30 seconds, if the Suitest channel is still not detected then this error will be show. This can be caused by an incorrectly set boot sequence, verify that your boot sequence is set up and functional by using the test button, please refer to the boot sequence article for further information.

Failed to open the Suitest application. Try open the application manually.

Occurs when the Suitest Bootstrap app cannot be opened even after the boot sequence has been executed.

Failed to bootstrap platform on this device.

Before launching your application, Suitest has to make sure that your device is configured correctly and can be controlled. We call that process a "platform bootstrap". This error occurs whenever Suitest fails to bootstrap the platform on target device. Make sure that your device is configured correctly according to our docs.

JS expression [expr] expected to [comparison] [result].

Thrown when the expression does not result in the correct value. For example, JS expression [document.getElementById('menu').style.color] expected to equal [red]. Check that you are using the correct comparator (equals to, contains etc.) and looking for the correct result.

Location [URL] expected to equal [URL]

Occurs when the URL of current location does not equal to the URL that is expected. This means that either the URL should be changed or a bug was successfully found in the app.

Maximum amount of key presses [max] reached. Condition was not satisfied.

Occurs when maximum amount of key presses were reached and the condition was not met. Double check that max key presses are set correctly, if it is correct then a bug was successfully found in the app.

Network request matching given conditions was not made. Have you cleared cache?.

Occurs when either Suitestify is not configured for your app therefore network request can not be captured or the applications cache has not been cleared. To solve this clear the cache by disconnecting from the device and then connecting again. Check the surprises section for more information.

Platform boot aborted

Occurs when test execution is started and then stopped by the user without the application having time to load. This is simply a user error, avoid starting then immediately stopping the test.

Platform boot failed

Occurs when the app cannot open due to the device either not being tuned to the Suitest channel or boot sequence failed (if there is one set). Set a correct boot sequence, and make sure that the device is tuned to Suitest Channel.

Response exceeded the size limit of 4 KB while polling (URL)

Occurs when the response from the polling of the URL exceeds the 4 KB. The URL can be changed or the repose has to be modified.

Server error occurred while opening an application.

Occurs when there is an error on our end. Our team has been notified and is working hard on fixing the error, please check back later. If issues persist please contact us.

Test line is malformed

Occurs when something in a line is left empty or using the incorrect format. For example, a subject or action is not selected or the cookie name is not stated. Double check that all input in your test line is filled with valid information. If the error persists even when everything seems to be correct please contact us.

The window has been unexpectedly resized by either operating system global scale or browser developer tools. Please set the scale to 100% and avoid resizing the browser during test execution.

Occurs when the window is scaled incorrectly during test execution, therefore, properties cannot be calculated correctly. When testing avoid having your operating systems scale set above or below 100%. Avoid manipulating with the test window with tools such as device toolbar (Chrome) and other developer tools which rescale the web pages.

This does not look as a valid URL

Occurs when the URL was not inputted correctly into a test line. Input the correct URL format into the test line to solve this error.

Wrong app ID detected while opening an application.

The app ID does not match the ID of the opened application. Verify that you are opening the correct application, check your configuration. An app in Suitest means a collection of HTML pages that have the same Suitest app ID. When an app is created, it gets an ID which is then inserted into the application's HTML pages. For package-based applications (LG webOS platform for example), the app ID must be stored inside the package using manual insertion.