Samsung Tizen - Troubleshooting

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I keep seeing access notification prompt on the TV screen

Suitest is accessing your device API over local network to send key presses, install applications and check the device status. This might cause periodical access notification prompt popping up on your TV screen if the device is configured wrongly. To fix the issue:

  1. Open Menu using the remote control.

  2. Navigate to General > External Device Manager > Device Connection Manager > Access Notification

  3. Select either Off or First Time Only option.

I can't grab video properties for my AVPlay based player

Suitest does not provide out of box adapter for the AVPlay video player due to limitations of the player's API. It can only accept a single set of event listeners at a time, so Suitest integration would be in conflict with your own application's code.

You can still get video properties for AVPlay player using video adapter. See our gist with an example of such integration.