Before you start

Before going ahead with test automation you need to make a small one-time adjustment to your app. At this point you should already have a configured device in your account.

Here are a few terms that we use a lot at Suitest:

  • Suitest app - a project in Suitest that contains configuration and test scenarios for the app you want to test.

  • instrumentation library - a library provided by Suitest that works like a testing agent from inside of your app. The process of including the library into the app is called instrumenting and after that the app is referred to as instrumented app.

  • app ID - this identifies your Suitest project. You will need this ID when instrumenting your app.

  • app platform - software platform on which your app will run. For example Android TV, HbbTV, Samsung Tizen, etc.

  • app configuration - settings that define the environment in which your app will run when testing. Also contains a ID which is used for Suitest JavaScript API.

Now that you are familiar with the terminology, here is what you need to do to start testing:

  1. Create a Suitest app

  2. Create an app configuration and copy the instrumentation code.

  3. Instrument your app for the platform of your choice:

  4. Upload app package or specify the URL to the instrumented app in the configuration.

  5. Create and run a one-line test to check that the configuration works as expected.