Setting up Xfinity (Comcast) apps

  • Xfinity (Comcast)

To prepare an Xfinity app you have three choices. You can use our Lite solution (see below) or have the Instrumentation library automatically injected into the package or manually insert the instrumentation code into every HTML file of your app. Then create a build and upload it to Suitest.

At this point you should have a working Xfinity device in your Suitest account.

Specify the application

Before setting up the instrumentation, you need to specify the application for testing. Inside application configuration in Suitest (tab App details), you need to define:

  • App URL
  • The URL that should be opened at the beginning of a test (deep links supported)
  • App ID
  • The application package ID

Choosing Lite or Instrumentation library

Suitest is using 2 different solutions to access information from an application on Xfinity device:

  • Lite (recommended)
    • No code needs to be injected into your application.
  • Instrumentation library
    • Injecting a JavaScript code into your application.

Here you can see the differences between these solutions:

Feature support Lite Lite (with Suitestify) Instrumentation library Instrumentation library (with Suitestify)
Identifying element based on link text - -
Testing pseudo elements - -
Testing more shadow DOM elements - -
Network requests -
- for audio/video files - -
- to local files - -
- to IP addresses - -
3rd party cookies - -

Using the Lite

Select Lite - no Instrumentation library (recommended) option inside the Instrumentation library section of your application configuration.

No further action related to the instrumentation library needed.

Inject the library automatically

Suitest can automatically inject the instrumentation library into your application package without your interaction. Select Inject the library automatically before uploading the app package under the App details tab.

Inject the library automatically

If the process fails, please follow the manual instrumentation guide.

Insert the library manually

Copy and paste the code snippet from the Suitest configuration page into every HTML file of your application. For best results put it as the first script element in your HTML file right after the opening <head> tag.

Inserting Suitest instrumentation library for HTML apps

Instrumentation library in production

When inserting the Suitest instrumentation library, ensure you do not accidentally release the app to production with the Suitest code included. Suitest code is intended for testing and could impact the user experience of your application.

Setting up Suitestify

Enable Suitestify

  1. On the application settings page you will need to enable Suitestify by checking the Enable Suitestify checkbox.
  2. Make sure application domain name is listed in the Suitestify settings. For example, lets assume that the app is hosted at therefore the domain added to the domain list is