Real devices, emulators and Xbox

Suitest runs your tests directly on a TV, set-top box or Xbox, so you get the most accurate results.

Or it can use your emulator instead.

Manual or automated

Suitest records what you are doing with your device and lets you replay your actions on other devices.

Automation tools are at your disposal.

For beginners and pros

Zero programming skills required. Anybody can use Suitest to quickly create and run efficient tests.

And for power users a rich set of tools is available.

Quality assurance
made easy

Forget about selenium scripts, scattered Word files, email reports and the never ending re-testing.

Suitest app

Suitest test management is top of the class. Every test is written in an understandable language with a version history, result history and is always ready for instant execution.

Super easy Setup

Punch in your app‘s URL or insert Suitest script into your app. And then... oh, hold on! That‘s all there is to it.

Parallel test execution

Launch your test on 100+ devices or emulators at the same time. You can simultaneously test on local and remote devices without distinction. Some devices can be at your office, the others – half way around the world at a test lab. Suitest will use them and effectively too.

Multiple platforms

Write your test once, run on any platform. We have got you covered on HbbTV, Freview Play, Tizen, Web OS, My Home Screen 2.0, Fire TV and Xbox One.

Historical Data

Every time you modify the test and press the save button Suitest saves a snapshot of your test. This snapshot is always accessible to you so you can always revert to a previous version.

Rich expressive testing tools

Test your app from every perspective. Make assertions on view elements, cookies, network activity without writing a single line of code. And if you feel like coding, powerful Javascript tools are at your disposal.

Meaningful results in minutes

Compare by device or by test time, view comprehensive reports. Check previous executions. Check network activity, console logs and more.