The Test editor
for your productivity

Suitest features a one of a kind test editor which puts ease of use above everything else. Record a basic test by simply using your app. Add various assertions using the rich visual tools to test every aspect of your app.

All in plain English, absolutely no programming required!
(Unless you are up for it, because you can also use JavaScript if you prefer!)

And if you ever decide to port your app to a new platform, your tests will run there without any modification.

Test editor

The Element repository
for robust test scenarios

You know how it is. You write some automation scenarios, get all excited, and then suddenly a very slight change made to your app makes all your tests invalid in no time.

Not with Suitest. Our Element repository will make sure that the scenarios you write will survive app changes with only little effort.

The Element repository takes care of managing your app's UI elements for you. It does the heavy lifting in the background and lets you focus on your automation scenarios instead.

Element repository

Dependable results
in minutes

Suitest can run your tests in parallel on 100+ devices. All of the results are neatly organized in test runs and sorted in a timeline for future reference.

With test results like ours, it is easy to discover where a bug came from, which devices are affected, which user journeys are endangered and what was the cause of the problem.

Along with the results other data is collected as well. Currently console output and network activity are available for inspection. And we are working to bring in more data such as performance overviews and screenshots for all platforms.

Test results

Universal Remote Control
for device management

Suitest brings you the power of a universal remote control for all your devices no matter how far from you they are located.

  • From your browser
    Control your TV without leaving your chair.
  • From your phone
    All the power in your hands. Available for Android and iOS.
Universal Remote Control

Device Screen Streaming
available from anywhere

Watch your device screen from anywhere, no matter if authoring your tests or running the scheduled ones. You just need an Android phone and nothing else. It was never so easy to build your remote device lab with Suitest before.

For the installation, see instructions in user docs.

Device Screen Streaming

Single-sign on
for unified authentication

Your users will be able to authenticate to Suitest the same way as to all the other corporate systems and tools. You can easily enforce your company password and security policies. This way you can prevent any unauthorized access to your Suitest organization account data.

For more information contact our Sales department.

Single-sign on

Smart Plugs
to control the power of your device lab

Bring all your devices to life with just one click. Automate your device lab based on your needs. Just equip it with smart plugs and Suitest will take care of the rest.

You will never have to worry if you've forgotten to switch off a device when leaving the office.

Smart Plugs

Control Units
for all your devices

With our physical Control Units, you can work with TVs, set-top boxes and other infrared-based devices.
The SoloCandy and CandyBox both know how to operate them. In essence, it is the ultimate web-based, programmable universal remote control that works with regular retail devices.

With our virtual Control Unit called SuitestDrive, you can work with Android TV and mobile, Fire TV, Apple TV (tvOS), iPhone and iPad (iOS and iPadOS), tvOS and iOS simulator, LG webOS, PlayStation 4/5, Roku, Samsung Tizen, VIDAA, Vizio, Xfinity, Xbox (One, Series X/S) and browsers.

See more about Control Units.

Control Units

And that's not all!

Suitest offers even more awesome features to streamline your testing and speed up your release cycle.

  • Manual and automated testing
  • Test Smart TV and set-top box apps
  • Test Android TV and mobile, Fire TV, Apple TV (tvOS), iPhone and iPad (iOS and iPadOS) apps
  • Test PlayStation 4/5, Roku, Xbox (One, Series X/S) apps
  • Test websites and browser web apps
  • Parallel independent test execution
  • Precise device control through infrared
  • Zero programming required
  • Crossplatform testing
  • Local and remote device support
  • Super-easy and fast setup
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Effortlessly test live apps
  • Network and console activity assertions
  • Visual test authoring
  • CI support, JavaScript and REST API's
  • Appium support

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