Adding a Vizio device

Suitest provides advanced tools for developing and testing web applications on Vizio TVs. After setting up your Vizio device with Suitest you will be able to create and execute automated end-to-end test scenarios as well as debug your applications directly on the device.

Vizio devices can be controlled by SuitestDrive. If you wish to control your device over an infrared emitter, Vizio devices can be controlled also by a CandyBox or a SoloCandy (in combination with a Raspberry Pi).

Prepare device information

During the configuration process that is about to follow Suitest will ask you to fill in the Device IP address.

We recommend that you take the effort of determining this information as accurately as possible since that will save you from several potential misunderstandings in the future.

Static IP address

To prevent connection failures due to the device IP address changes you should consider configuring your DHCP server to assign static IP address to your device.

Same network: For Suitest to operate the device correctly, the device and the control unit must be connected to the same local network.

Sleep or power-off: Some devices have sleep or auto power-off features which turn the devices off after some period. Please make sure that your devices are set to never sleep to avoid interfering with tests. Consult your devices user manual on how to do so.

Add the device to Suitest

Open the Device wizard, select Add physical device, choose Vizio SmartCast OS from the platform list and then press Next.

Enter device information

Device wizard will now request information about your device. Select SuitestDrive to control the device (must be in the same network) and enter the IP address that you have previously prepared and press Next.

Pair the device

After you confirm the device information, a pairing code will be displayed on the Vizio device. Please insert this code to the respective field in the wizard.

If you later remove the pairing from the TV settings, you will need to re-add the device to Suitest in order to test on it again.

Choose the control - API vs. Infrared

  1. If you want to control your device over API (using SuitestDrive), press Skip and skip the following section.
  2. If you want to control your device over infrared (using CandyBox or SoloCandy with Raspberry Pi), press Set up IR control and continue the process.

Install the infrared blaster

For Infrared control only.

Follow the detailed instructions on how to install the infrared blaster in the CandyBox article. If this is the first time you are adding a device operated by the CandyBox you should first set up the CandyBox itself by following the CandyBox installation guide.

Assign device driver

For infrared control only.

To operate the device Suitest needs to know the exact infrared signal to send for every key. Suitest has a database of many such device drivers. Based on the previously entered information about your device Suitest will look up driver candidates and offer you to verify their fitness or to record your own set of keys.

The process of assigning a driver is similar for all platforms and is described in the Smart TV's article.

Next steps

The rest of the process will complete automatically. After this the Vizio device will become available in your Suitest account.

Now that you have your Vizio device configured, it's time to instrument your app and start testing.

Something went wrong?

Please check the Vizio troubleshooting section for guidance.