Automated mode error messages you may encounter

When tests are scheduled in automated mode using test packs, errors will be displayed on the results page.

If you find errors that are not described in this document and do not know how to solve them, contact us.

A user is currently connected to this device. Execution will continue after the user disconnects.

A user is currently using the device in interactive mode, if you need to execute your test now, either tell the user to disconnect or if you have administrator privileges you can disable and enable to force interrupt interactive mode.

Cannot continue: CandyBox controlling this device is offline.

Check that the cable plugged into the CandyBox delivers Internet connection. Check on your control units page that the CandyBox is active and the ports are ready.

Cannot continue: Device does not support this platform.

You have scheduled a test execution with a platform (configuration) that the device selected does not support. You should either change the configuration to one that the device supports or select a different device.

Cannot continue: Device is deleted

The device on which the execution was scheduled has been deleted. Please cancel the test and schedule it on another available device. If the device was removed by a user unintentionally, then the device can be added again via the add device wizard.

Cannot continue: Internal error occurred.

We are very sorry, but some fishy error occurred when Suitest was trying to execute your test. Our developers have been notified and are already working hard to resolve the problem. This is an error which you cannot fix, try to schedule your test for a later time. If you receive this error often please contact us.

Cannot continue: IR blaster missing or incorrectly attached.

Infrared blaster assigned to the device is missing or malfunctioning. Check the wiring, replace the blaster or assign another working CandyBox port to this device. If no spare blasters are available, contact us.

Cannot continue: LG webOS driver failed.

LG webOS driver has misbehaved. Please verify that the device is online and its current IP address is correctly set in Suitest. Then double check if the Development mode is enabled on the device. If nothing helps try rebooting the device. If the local IP of the device changes, make sure to set up a static IP for the device.

Cannot continue: Suitest bootstrap app is not running.

Suitest tried to start the bootstrap application on this device but failed several times and will try no more. Please connect to the device and start the bootstrap app manually, then disconnect and the scheduled test will continue. If you have configured the Suitest channel, tune the TV to this channel and verify that Suitest badge is displayed on TV in the top right corner. If you have not configured the Suitest channel, refer to configure a channel section for further instruction on how to configure a Suitest channel for the HbbTV / Freeview Play platform. Another possibility is that the device can not be controlled by infrared. This could be caused by the infrared blaster being in the incorrect position or has fallen down from the device.

Cannot continue: SuitestDrive controlling this device is offline.

SuitestDrive controlling this device is not currently running or is offline. Please verify that the host computer has Internet connection and that SuitestDrive is running. If issues persist try restarting SuitestDrive and the host computer.

Cannot continue: Xbox driver failed.

Xbox (One, Series X/S) driver has misbehaved. Please verify that the device is online and it's current IP address and developer credentials are correctly specified in Suitest. If nothing helps try rebooting the device and restarting SuitestDrive. If the local IP of the device changes, make sure to set up a static IP for the device.

Execution will start as soon as other tests queued on this device will finish execution.

Test execution is queued on the device, if you need to test the device immediately you can stop the execution of the current running test. This can be done by either having administrator privileges or asking the user who scheduled the tests to stop their tests.

This device is disabled. For the execution to continue please enable the device.

The device is disabled in the device list, this can be done by a user with administrator privileges. If you need to use the device and don't have administrator privileges, contact an administrator in your organization.

Test execution was stopped

This error might occur when a JavaScript API test was stopped for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Paired device was disabled.
  • You have reached the max. time for a single test execution. Make sure you are using startTest and endTest commands.
  • You have run out of testing minutes for this billing period.