Quick start - HbbTV / Freeview Play

Start testing apps on the HbbTV / Freeview Play platform within a couple of minutes.

What is needed to start testing

Suitest account

Suitest account - login or register.

Control unit

CandyBox or SoloCandy - plugged in and configured. The control unit should have the status online in your control units.

Suitest channel

Set up Suitest channel broadcasting - broadcast the Suitest channel using your playout stack.

Device preparation

  1. Configure the device to be on the same local network as the control unit (CandyBox or SoloCandy). Contact your friendly network admin if you require assistance.

  2. Tune the device to the.suite.st channel and wait a couple of minutes till the pairing code screen appears. It will look like this:

    Pairing code screen

  3. Attach the IR blaster to the device, follow attaching the infrared blaster guide if needed. Be careful with the placement of the IR blaster to avoid issues further on.

  4. Gather the Manufacture name, Device model name, firmware version, local IP address and Suitest channel number. The location of the device details depends on a device basis, if necessary consult your device's user manual. The IP address of the device should preferably be static.

Device setup

Set up the HbbTV / Freeview Play device, by adding it to Suitest.

In Suitest open devices, then Add device > Add physical device > Select the HbbTV / Freeview Play platform.

  1. Fill in the details that you have previously noted down.

  2. Assign the device driver by selecting the controlling emitter (the CandyBox or SoloCandy and IR blaster that will control the device). Then select or record the device driver, follow the instructions in Suitest or refer to select or record device driver section if needed.

  3. Enter the pairing code displayed on the HbbTV device's screen

    Pairing code screen

After pressing Next the device will be added automatically.

Highly recommended to create a boot sequence to automatically switch to the Suitest channel every time test execution starts.

App set up and settings

Create new application

Add new configuration - name it, change the platform to HbbTV / Freeview Play. Add a URL of the app you wish to test on App details, for this guide let's use http://file.suite.st/demoapp/hbbtv.html which is a Suitest sample app. Leave the rest of the configuration in it's default state.

Create new configuration - HbbTV / Freeview Play platform

Learn more about setting up an app and configurations.

Connecting to a device

Connecting to the device

Virtual remote controller (VRC)

Once connected the VRC will be shown on the right side of Suitest. To check that you are connected correctly you can press some buttons on the VRC and you should observe some changes on the device's screen.


Test scenario

In this quick start, we will be testing if the user can navigate to and play a video within the WatchMe Demo.

1. Open the app homepage
2. Check the focused element
3. Navigate to the desired video
4. Play the video
5. Check the video is playing correctly

Element repository

Switch to the Element repository and open the application. Then, switch to the Suggested elements tab.

Save all suggested elements to saved elements

Rename the elements:

  • Element to videoImg
  • Element(1) to videoTitle
  • Element(2) to videoInfo

Now, switch to Search by property tab. Search for the element with the :nth-child(3) > :nth-child(2) > div CSS selector and save the element.

Adding the initial focused element to saved elements using search by property

Test creation

Navigate to the Test editor and let's create a test for our scenario.

Create new test

The editor automatically adds the open app line.

Adding assertions and operations

In this scenario we will use the element and video assertion, and press test operation.

Step 1

Checking if elements have been loaded correctly

Step 2

Navigate to video

Set elements has properties to:

  • Border color to rgb(52, 191, 228)
  • Text color to rgb(52, 191, 228)
  • Remove class attribute
  • Set max presses to 2

Step 3

Make sure the video is playing on your device, to allow Suitest to automatically capture information about its state.

Playing the video and checking playback

Set video has properties to:

  • Video position to > 2
  • Video state to playing
  • Wait time to 5s


Run the full test with preview mode enabled. You should see something like this on your device:

HbbTV / Freeview Play screen - preview mode running

Where to go next?

If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us.