Suggested elements

Analyzes the application's structure and provides you with a choice of elements that are likely to be useful in your testing endeavors.

Suggested elements example

Using our suggested elements you can quickly add view elements into your repository which you can be further used in your testing scenarios. The elements are gathered from the current view structure of the app, therefore when the app changes, the suggested elements could also change.


Add a suggested element to the Element repository. This will add it with the name that is currently displayed in the suggestions, with a confirmation that it has been added next to it. All identifying and other properties will be stored as well, just like adding it via the mouse selection tool, view structure or search by property.


Ignore elements that you are not interested in (not permanent). If you decide that they are useful further on in your testing, you can use "Show ignored" and then subsequently "Unignore" the element to add it back to the suggestions.


Update the suggested element that has already been stored, however, was changed due to a change in app's structure. "Update" button is only visible when element's properties are changed.


Reload the suggested elements based on the current app structure. This will analyze and suggest elements again, with the current app structure.