Anatomy of The Element Repository

Element repository page anatomy

  1. Currently saved elements (if an element name is in grey color, it is not used in any test defined inside the Suitest web UI).

  2. Create a new folder button. Below, you can find actions to be used when multiple elements are selected.

  3. Searching for elements by name.

  4. Mouse Selection Tool - allows you to select view elements using the mouse-over area.

  5. Suggested elements - suggests elements based on application structure.

  6. Search by Property - allows you to lookup view elements by a combination of properties.

  7. Mouse-over area for Mouse Selection Tool.

  8. View Structure Tool - displays the current view tree, very similar to the Chrome's DOM inspector.

  9. Reopen Application button.

  10. Create new element button.

  11. Selected element details.

  12. API id - used to identify elements while using Suitest JavaScript API.

  13. Platform Availability - the list of platforms for which the element snapshot has been recorded.

  14. Identifying Properties - specify how to look up the element in the view.

  15. State snapshot - a snapshot of element properties at the time it was added to the repository.

  16. Save or update element button.