Anatomy of The Element Repository

Element repository page anatomy

  1. Current saved elements.

  2. Create a new folder button.

  3. Repository search.

  4. Mouse Selection Tool - allows you to select view elements using the mouse-over area.

  5. Suggested elements - suggests elements based on application structure.

  6. Search by Property - allows you to lookup view elements by a combination of properties.

  7. Mouse-over area for Mouse Selection Tool.

  8. View Structure Tool - displays the current view tree, very similar to the Chrome's DOM inspector.

  9. Reopen Application button.

  10. Create new element button.

  11. Selected element details.

  12. API id - used to identify elements while using Suitest JavaScript API.

  13. Platform Availability - the list of platforms for which the element snapshot has been recorded.

  14. Identifying Properties - specify how to look up the element in the view.

  15. State snapshot - a snapshot of element properties at the time it was added to the repository.

  16. Save or update element button.