Devices FAQs

Questions regarding the use of devices in Suitest. If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact us.

What is the easiest device to start testing on?

The device and application preparations differ between the platforms. In general, you should decide based on the following two aspects:

  1. Do you want to wait for our hardware delivery? If not, start with one of devices controlled by SuitestDrive.

  2. If you do not implement the application in-house, you should consider starting on platforms that have automatic injection of instrumentation library option in Suitest. See an overview here.

My devices seem to be turning off by themselves, why is this happening?

If it seems like devices are not working as intended, then do not worry it is Suitest trying to do its job by checking if your devices are active and in the desired state (such as being on Suitest channel). Suitest has a built-in power saving mode where after 10 minutes of device inactivity, the device will be turned off.

Read more about the so-called boogeyman.

Can I disable Suitest on my device when debugging on it?

Yes, you can disable the device in Suitest web interface. Just open the device details modal window and click on Disable button.

In case that you are using an Android device, be careful as those support only one connection from ADB service, so you would need to ensure that you disconnect from the device with your dev tools before enabling it again in Suitest.

I cannot control my Xbox (One, Series X/S) via the virtual remote control (VRC), how can I solve this?

Verify your console OS version is at a minimum or higher of:

  • Developer kits - OS version 10.0.15063 or higher
  • Retail versions - OS version 10.0.17134 or higher

Refer to Xbox operating system versions and system updates if you require guidance on checking the OS version and updating to the latest.

If your Xbox (One, Series X/S) is at the correct OS version then please verify that your device is currently in developer mode. If you are unsure on how to switch to developer mode on your device retail version then please refer to Xbox Developer Mode activation.

Why all buttons on the virtual remote control are disabled when I connect to Suitest lab device?

You can use button presses only when your application is running and is in a foreground. You can open the app by running Open app test line from the test editor or by opening the app from Element repository page.

How does this signal burst from a CandyBox work when tests on multiple devices are executed at the same time?

CandyBox emits individual IR signals to target devices. The signals are very low power to avoid spilling over to neighboring devices.

Are also Huawei mobile phones supported?

As long as the mobile phone is using Android, it is supported by Suitest.

Do you support Linux based devices?

In general, yes. However, there are few conditions in addition to that:

  • The application must be HTML-based or for Android (we do not support C++ applications).

  • The device must have Infrared control option (we do not support bluetooth).

Can we test on Samsung TVs without waiting for CandyBox delivery?

If your device has Samsung TV has operating system Tizen 2.4 or newer, you can test on it using only SuitestDrive. Just please be aware that without a CandyBox or SoloCandy you cannot power on/off the device.

How many devices we can watch using a single web camera?

If you want to see details of the app on the screen, we recommend using one camera per device. If you aim to have only a rough overview, then you can of course watch multiple TVs from a single camera, but due to cameras technical limits (e.g. focus), you will not be able to see details.

Each CandyBox / Raspberry Pi is limited to one webcam. Therefore, if you want to watch multiple TVs, you can follow our recommendation for a portable device setup.

For the list of supported webcams, please look at this page.