Pagination in Suitest Network API

Network API endpoints that return collections of objects split the results into pages for performance. The paging format is unified across all Suitest feeds.

Pagination structure

Collections are always wrapped in the following wrapper object:

  "total": 5421,
  "page": 2,
  "pagelen": 10,
  "next": "",
  "previous": "",
  "values": [

To get the next and previous page of the collection use the URLs contained in the next and previous. Do not manipulate the query parameter to get another page since it may lead to inconsistent results.

If the response does not contain either next or previous it means there are no appropriate results in this query.

Pagination object response fields

Field Explanation
total Total number of objects in the response. This field is not provided in all responses.
page The page number of the current response. This field is not provided in all responses.
pagelen Current number of objects on the existing page.
next Link to the next page if exists.
previous Link to the previous page if exists.
values The query results.