Smart plug

As an alternative to IR control, with a smart plug you can also switch the power of your devices on and off. You can have a single smart plug for the whole device lab or a separate smart plug per each device for fine control. To connect a smart plug with Suitest you will need any of our control units - SuitestDrive, CandyBox or a Raspberry Pi.

Supported devices

Currently, Suitest fully supports TP-LINK HS100 and HS110 as well as Tapo P100 and P110 smart plugs only. When using TP-LINK models, make sure to ideally use with hardware version v4 running firmware version 1.1.5 (older versions may not work properly).


  1. Make sure that your control unit is assigned to your organization and is running.

  2. Setup your smart plug according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you are using the same network as the control unit.

  3. Open the Device Wizard and choose the Add Smart Plug option.

  4. Select which device brand you want to add

  5. Insert the IP address of the smart plug and any other required information

Power on / off your devices

In Suitest web application you can turn off the power for all your devices connected to the electricity. Just use our Power button inside your smart plug configuration.

Smart plug settings

Something went wrong?

Please check the Smart plug troubleshooting section for guidance.