Browser command - operation

  • Browsers

This operation sends a specific command to the browser.

To perform this operation in the Suitest Test editor use the Browser command line:

Set browser window size to 1280 x 720 pixels

To perform this operation in the Suitest JavaScript API use the window command in conjunction with setSize:

await suitest.window().setSize(1280, 720);

Browser command options

Test editor JS API Description
Go back goBack() moves backwards in the browsing history
Go forward goForward() moves forward through the navigation history
Refresh refresh() refreshes the page
Set window size setSize() sets the size of the browser's window to the specified width and height
Accept modal dialog acceptModal() Presses "Accept" or "Yes" on the modal dialog
Accept prompt dialog with message acceptModal() Submit a message string to the dialog and close it with "OK"
Dismiss modal dialog dismissModal() Presses "Cancel" or "No" on the modal dialog

In the Suitest JavaScript API all browser command options are used in conjunction with the window().