Suitest control units

Suitest can control your browsers, emulators and physical devices enabling you to execute command sequences or run automated end-to-end tests directly on the device. Suitest relies on its control units to do this.

Choosing a control unit

Depending on the type of the device and the platform it is running you need one of:

  1. CandyBox - for devices having infrared port and running:

    • HbbTV or Freeview Play apps
    • LG webOS or LG Netcast
    • Samsung Tizen or Samsung Orsay
    • Sony, Panasonic, Vestel, Gruendig, Humax and any other TV, set-top box or gaming console that has an infrared remote control
  2. SuitestDrive - for devices that can be operated via software calls:

You can download SuitestDrive for free or order a CandyBox from your Suitest account. Once you have your control unit up and running, you are ready to add the device to Suitest.