Suitest control units

Suitest can control your browsers, emulators and physical devices enabling you to execute command sequences or run automated end-to-end tests directly on the device. Suitest relies on its control units to do this.

Choosing a control unit

Do you need to set up a portable device?

Please see our setup guide to find out how to use our SoloCandy with your Raspberry Pi to control your infrared-based device from anywhere without any complex infrastructure.

Depending on the type of the device and the platform it is running you need one of the following Control Units or their combinations:

  1. CandyBox - for devices having infrared receiver and running
  2. SuitestDrive - for devices that can be operated via software calls
  3. SuitestDrive on CandyBox
  4. SuitestDrive on Raspberry Pi
  5. SoloCandy + SuitestDrive
  6. SoloCandy + Raspberry Pi
  7. SoloCandy + SuitestDrive on Raspberry Pi

You can download SuitestDrive for free or order a CandyBox from your Suitest account. Once you have your control unit up and running, you are ready to add the device to Suitest.