Customer Support

In order to ensure the fastest resolution for any support queries and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth communication, we ask you to please provide us with the following information when reporting an issue to Suitest Support. We thank you in advance!

Before creating a customer support ticket

If you are experiencing an issue with application containing our instrumentation library (crashing or having unexpected behavior), before contacting Suitest customer support team, please try to reproduce the same issue running a non-instrumented application on the device manually. If you are able to reproduce the same issue this way, then you will know that the issue is not caused by any component of Suitest.

Customer support ticket creation

Customer support tickets are created by sending an email to Please make sure that you are sending the email from the same address as your Suitest account to avoid any confusion.

What to add into the ticket

No matter what is the issue, please do not forget to insert:

  • Steps for reproduction (what was done before the issue occurred)
  • Issue description (what happened)
  • Expected behavior (what you expected to happen)
  • Screenshots/photos (if possible)
  • Text of an error message (if displayed)
  • Organization ID
  • Timestamp of the issue + timezone

Based on the nature of the bug, please also add:

If there is an issue with a device:

  • If device has been already added Device ID, or else send Control Unit ID
  • Platform name
  • If you are using network API controlled platforms (any browser, Android, Apple iOS/tvOS, LG webOS, PlayStation 4/5, Roku, Samsung Tizen, Vizio SmartCast, Xbox One or Series (X|S)), reproduce the issue + submit SuitestDrive logs immediately after that

If there is an issue with an application:

Problem with an installed SuitestDrive:

Problem with a SoloCandy:

Problem with a CandyBox / Raspberry Pi: