USB camera

See what is happening on your device's screen during the test run. You just need to attach a USB camera to one of the USB ports on the CandyBox. If you do not possess a CandyBox, you may also use a Raspberry Pi.

Important: Please note that currently we support only one USB camera per CandyBox / Raspberry Pi. Officially supported cameras are Logitech C920, C930e and BRIO. Other types may work as well.

In order to start streaming:

  1. Go to your Control units.

  2. Open the drop-down next to the CandyBox / Raspberry Pi.

  3. Click on USB camera.

    CandyBox - USB camera

  4. Select resolution, frame rate and rotation. Once these options are selected, click on the Start button to start streaming.

    USB camera - Stream options

  5. To watch the stream, click on the Watch button.
    Please keep in mind that the stream will last for 24 hours, then you have to start it again.

    USB camera - Stream started

Something went wrong?

Please check the USB camera troubleshooting section for guidance.