Supported devices

Suitest is a ubiquitous test automation tool that works with many types of devices and platforms. After configuring a device in your Suitest account you will be able to do many interesting things that probably not have been possible before. For instance, you will be able to:

  • Control and execute commands on multiple devices at once.
  • Schedule a particular action on a group of devices.
  • Control local and remote devices with equal ease.
  • Test and debug apps on local and remote devices.

You can also benefit from Suitest public device lab and use Suitest-managed devices for live testing, test authoring and automated test executions.

Supported device types

The current support is as follows:

Supported device platforms

Suitest can be used for app testing on well-known platforms as well as proprietary environments, like TV or set-top box interfaces and internal software.

Currently supported well-known platforms:

  • Android 5.0 and later
  • Apple iOS 13.0 and later
  • Apple iPadOS
  • Apple TV tvOS 11.2 and later
  • LG Netcast
  • LG webOS
  • Other TV and set-top box platforms (as long as they are built on top of a browser or Android TV)
  • PlayStation 4/5 (WebMAF)
  • Roku 7.5 and later
  • Samsung Orsay
  • Samsung Tizen
  • Traditional websites and web apps for desktop browsers
  • Xbox (One, Series X/S)

Thanks to the Suitest architecture you can use Suitest for app testing on proprietary platforms on any physical device that fulfills both of these conditions:

  1. The device has an infrared receiver.
  2. The device supports HTML-based applications.

Read on to get a better overview of what is possible.