The concept

When creating test automation scenarios you'll find yourself doing one of these 3 things:

  • Preparing an environment for the test
  • Sending user input
  • Evaluating an assertion

Suitest makes it easy to perform these operations through either the Test Editor or the JavaScript API. Some operations are not available on all platforms. Check the articles for individual operation for details.

User input operations

  • Browser command - sends a specific command to the browser like refresh, back, etc.
  • Click on - clicks on an element or position.
  • Close app - closes the application.
  • Move to - moves the mouse pointer.
  • Open app - opens application at a particular screen.
  • Open deep link - open a deep link inside the application
  • Open URL - opens arbitrary URL (for HTTP-based platforms).
  • Press button - presses a button on a remote control.
  • Send text - Sends text or special characters into a window / application or element.
  • Scroll - scrolls through the application.
  • Set screen orientation - set the orientation of the app on device screen
  • Set text - Set text of an element.
  • Suspend app - suspends the application.
  • Swipe / flick - swipes of flicks from an element or position.
  • Tap - taps on an element or position.


  • Assert - evaluates the result of the defined condition.

Other operations

  • Clear app data - clears application's local data stores.
  • Execute command - executes arbitrary JavaScript code (for example for preparing the test environment).
  • Poll URL - continuously poll a particular URL.
  • Run test - executes a test case from within another test case.
  • Sleep - sleeps for a predefined amount of time.