Creating test cases in Suitest

In Suitest you create your tests in a visual test editor or program them in with Suitest JavaScript API.

Suitest Test Editor

Suitest Test Editor is a visual test scenario editor allowing you to create professional test automation scenarios by using visual tools and without programming. Scenarios you create in the Test Editor are saved within your Suitest account. If necessary you can export them as JavaScript files.

A test automation scenario in the Suitest Test Editor

Suitest JavaScript API

Suitest JavaScript API is a test automation library allowing you to program your test scenarios in JavaScript.

const suitest = require('suitest-js-api');

async function myTest() {
    await suitest.openApp();
    await suitest.assert.location().equals('');

myTest().finally(() => suitest.closeSession());

Which method should I choose?

Both the Test Editor and the JavaScript API offer very similar functionality.

The JavaScript API offers greater flexibility but requires greater level of technical skills from you.

The Test Editor takes away the technical complexity and let's you focus on the test scenarios. Some scenarios or workflow however are more efficient to be implemented by using Suitest API.