Suitest features FAQs

Suitest is a complex testing tool full or great features. If you have another question, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Can Suitest do frame rate monitoring?

No, we are considering to add more video-related features, but QoS/QoE is not our main focus.

Can I test on a device with Bluetooth remote control?

Suitest does not support Bluetooth remotes. You can control your devices over network (e.g. Android TV, Apple TV, Roku) or using infrared signals. However, most of the Bluetooth-controlled devices still have an infrared receiver to support universal remote controls or can make use of additional infrared dongles. Therefore, you should be able to still test on such devices.

Is LG Magic Remote supported?

Yes, Suitest supports LG Magic Remote. To simulate behavior of this remote, you are able to use Click on, Move to and Scroll operations on LG webOS devices.

Can I use Suitest for testing of Video quality?

It is possible to do certain assertions against some of the video properties. Suitest allows for inspecting the following ones:

  • Video length - the reported length of the video file (in seconds).

  • Video position - the reported position of the play head (in seconds).

  • Video state - the playback state of the video object. One of the following (based on platform): stopped, error, playing, paused, connecting, buffering, finished, idle, preparing, prepared, playback completed, unknown.

  • Video URL - the URL of the video file currently being played.

Suitest reads out the video properties directly from the platforms video object bypassing all the upper layers as your application framework.

You can find more information in the corresponding part of our documentation.

What are the advantages of Suitest in comparison to Selenium/Appium?

One of the main Suitest advantages is that our solution covers all of the living room device platforms as a single tool. For the list of another advantages, please see the comparison below.

Comparison to Appium:

  • Appium does not provide any tools for device management

  • Suitest can grab more data from UI elements than Appium can

  • Suitest has an Element repository and convenient Mouse selection tool

  • Suitest is faster (we actually had Appium integrated within Suitest in the past, but had to get rid as it was too slow with both tvOS and Android)

  • More supported platforms (Smart TVs, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Series X/S)

  • Suitest is more robust - assertions on network requests and inspect HTTPS traffic without any complex setup, taking screenshots, seeing the screen over Android mobile phone / USB camera or other UVC device streaming, and many others.

What is the comparison of Suitest to Roku WebDriver?

Suitest offers 2 different options for testing of Roku applications (see comparison):

  • Roku

  • Roku Lite

Features comparison

Suitest - Roku Suitest - Roku Lite Roku WebDriver
Roku OS version support 7.5+ 9.1+ 9.1+
Power ON/OFF and restart NO NO NO
User key input (network) YES YES YES
Virtual remote control YES YES NO
Control without an opened app YES YES YES
App auto-installation YES YES YES
Remote Telnet console YES (OUTPUT) YES (OUTPUT) NO
Network requests monitoring YES YES NO
Modifying network requests YES YES NO
Code overrides YES YES NO
Freezing the server response YES YES NO
Visual progress of a test YES NO NO
Screenshot during the test YES YES NO
Device management YES YES NO
User management YES YES NO
Library injection YES (AUTO) not needed not needed
Recording navigation NO NO NO

SW Requirements comparison

Suitest - Roku Suitest - Roku Lite Roku WebDriver
Controlling device options SuitestDrive * SuitestDrive * command line
Command line NO NO YES
Python installed NO NO YES
Go installed NO NO YES
  • SuitestDrive is an executable application available for MS Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems


Suitest - Roku Suitest - Roku Lite Roku WebDriver
Code synced tests YES - JS API YES - JS API YES - Robot library
Test scheduling YES YES NO
Test results YES YES YES
Real-time results YES YES NO
Results history YES YES NO
Results aggregation / comparison YES YES NO
Basic data for testing YES YES YES
Button sequences YES YES YES
Using of conditions YES YES NO
E2E testing YES YES NO
Graphical user interface YES YES NO
App versioning YES YES NO
Element repository YES YES NO
Cross-platform testing YES YES NO