Open URL - operation

  • Android - WebView apps
  • Browsers
  • HbbTV / Freeview Play
  • LG webOS / Netcast
  • Philips NetTV
  • PlayStation 4/5
  • Samsung Tizen / Orsay
  • Xbox (One, Series X/S) - HTML apps
  • Other Smart TVs and STBs - HTML apps

This operation opens the specified URL on the device.

On HTML based platforms this operation works very similarly to the Open app. The difference is that Open URL allows for opening arbitrary URL directly from the test whereas Open app is bound to app configuration.

To perform this operation in the Suitest Test editor use the Open URL line:


To perform this operation in the Suitest JavaScript API use the openUrl command:

await suitest.openUrl('');

Open URL on Xbox (One, Series X/S) HTML apps

To use the Open URL line with Xbox (One, Series X/S) HTML apps, you will first need to make sure that the URL that you are trying to open is white-listed in the package.appxmanifest, otherwise, the URL will not be opened.