The WingBox is a unique device that brings together the ability to control devices and stream their HDMI output thus allowing both live testing and automation capabilities.

The WingBox can operate both IR-controlled and network-controlled devices. Any device with HDMI output can be streamed anywhere with an ultra-low latency in a perfect quality of 2K in 60 fps.

You can order a WingBox by contacting our sales team through email.

Preproduction WingBox

Setting up the WingBox

The WingBox's core contains a Raspberry Pi. Therefore, you can add it to your Suitest account the same way.

HDMI streaming

Once the device is paired with your Suitest account:

  1. Plug the HDMI cable from the testing devices into the WingBox
  2. Go to the streaming devices page
  3. Click start streaming icon
  4. Select target parameters and start watching the stream

Testing device control

Depending on the device you want to control, you should select the right way:

SuitestDrive on Raspberry Pi

SoloCandy + Raspberry Pi