Suitest Remote Application on Android and iOS

Control all your devices using a single virtual remote control provided by Suitest from your mobile phone. This application is available in both Google Play Store (Android mobile phones and tablets) and Apple App Store (iPhones/iPads).

Log into the application

Use your Suitest credentials to log into your Suitest account in order to control all your devices added to Suitest.

Application controls

Application controls

  1. Main menu
    • switching between organizations and personal account
  2. Filters menu
    • filtering devices
  3. Search
    • searching for a device

Connecting to a device

Once you are switched to the right organization, you see the list of devices within. By simple tapping on a device, the connection to it is established and a virtual remote control displayed.

Controlling the device

When connected to a device, you can use the virtual control. It has 4 separate tabs based on the type of the button:

  • Main - Navigation controls
  • Channel - Channels and volume controls
  • Numbers
  • Media - Video playback controls

Switching between devices

When connected to a device, you can easily switch to any other. Just tap on the cross in the top left corner and the app moves you back to the list of devices.

Something went wrong?

Please check the Suitest Remote application troubleshooting section for guidance.