Preparing the repository to work on multiple platforms

Suitest allows you to specify one set of identifying properties per element, per platform. This in turn enables you to reuse your existing test scenarios on various platforms.

An element "Logo" or "Video" on various platforms can refer to a different element depending on implementation. However provided that the business logic of the application is the same, the same automation scenarios can apply. When automating multi-platform apps you should explore similar patterns and take advantage of test reuse whenever possible.

To begin defining elements for another platform create a configuration first and then open your app on the connected device with this configuration.

You can copy (and if necessary adjust) the identifying properties from one platform to another by using the "Copy from..." function. For the copying to make sense the platforms must support the identifying property being copied and the platforms should be compatible.


Copying the identifying properties from Xbox (One, Series X/S) Native to any HTML based platform (e.g. HbbTV) would not work since the platforms are incompatible.