General questions regarding Suitest and accounts. If you cannot find an answer to your question please contact our support.

Could Content Security Policy (CSP) restrictions affect me in a negative way?

Your Suitest experience might be affected by the CSP restrictions, as Suitest has its CSP turned off because it negatively affects some of our features. Currently, if you have the "unsafe-eval" in your restrictions, Suitest will not function correctly. There is a possibility that other restrictions could hinder your Suitest experience.

You can read more about CSP.

Do I have ownership of the CandyBox?

No, the price you pay is for a one-time renting fee which is non-refundable. Suitest maintains ownership of the CandyBox at all times. There is no time limitation, as long as you are using Suitest.

Do I need a CandyBox to start testing?

Suitest allows you to test with only a SuitestDrive (without a CandyBox) on:

For testing on unlisted Smart TV platforms, HbbTV / Freeview Play or any other IR controlled device, then a CandyBox is needed to control the device.

Does Suitest have any integration with third-parties?

Yes, currently you can integrate Suitest with Slack to provide the results from your test packs in a Slack channel of your choosing. Check out Slack integration docs section or go directly to your profile integrations page.

How can I create an Organization?

You can easily create an organization by doing the following:

  1. Open the user menu and select the Create organization option.

    Create organization option in the user menu

  2. Optionally transfer all assets from your personal account. This transfers applications, tests, element repositories, test results, plan and used minutes. Ignore step 3 if you choose to transfer.

  3. Select subscription plan for your organization.

  4. Select Team tab.

  5. Invite team members to your organization.

Learn more about team members and their permissions.

How can I reach you best if I need some support?

For technical questions please contact our support team ( If you have business inquiries please contact our sales team ( We will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

How can I make sure my application is instrumented correctly?

All applications must have our instrumentation library inserted into them either automatically or manually. The simplest way to verify that you have your application instrumented correctly, is to upload a package or add a URL to a configuration.

Assuming you have followed the instrumentation section then go to the Tests tab and do the following:

  1. Connect to a device that supports the application's platform

  2. Create a new test and leave it just as it is, with the "Open App" line (which is automatically added to a test by Suitest)

  3. Select the configuration you wish to open on the device

  4. Execute the test

  5. The application should open on the device (if not, you'll receive an error which can be checked in the interactive mode errors)

  6. Once the application has opened on the device, the Suitest badge should appear in the top right corner on the device's screen

    Suitest badge with Connected status when app is running

Check running test in interactive mode for more information.

How do I edit my billing information?

You can easily add or edit your billing information by doing the following:

  1. Go to your preferences - billing area.
  2. Switch to the Billing information tab.
  3. Press edit button under the billing information.
  4. Fill in your billing information.
  5. Save.

My card is about to expire, what can I do?

You can change your card information in the billing section to avoid interrupting your Suitest plan. To change your card information do the following:

  1. Go to the Billing section.
  2. Click the Change card button.
  3. This will redirect you to our payment gateway, where you can fill in the information of the new card.
  4. The new card will be used to pay for the next period of your Suitest plan.

Change card button in the Billing section

What platforms does Suitest support?

Suitest currently supports the following:

When using Free plan, can I really test only 1 application? What if I have different builds? How do those count?

With the Free plan you can only have one Suitest Application, meaning a single project. For that you are able to create different configurations for different platforms.

A more critical limit is a device limit. In the case of the Free plan, you cannot have more than one device inside Suitest, which makes testing on multiple platforms quite a challenge (adding/removing device every time when switching to a different one is needed).

Can Suitest be integrated with TeamCity?

You can for example integrate automated uploads of new application builds into Suitest using our Network API - uploading package is available through the API call /apps/{appId}/versions/{versionId}/configs/{configId}/package.