Control any of your infrared-based devices with a web-based universal remote.


Record and replay key sequences to handle maintenance tasks of any complexity.


Take the pocket-sized SoloCandy anywhere you need and connect to a device without any additional hardware.

Any device
from anywhere

Have some devices dusting up at the remote office?
Install the SoloCandy there and put them to good use. With Suitest you can automate remote devices just as well as the local ones. All configured devices will show up in your Suitest account and you can connect and use them any time.

Big screen automation
easy and affordable

The SoloCandy complemented by the other Suitest tools makes it easy to do device automation and TV app testing on big screen devices. Whether you have one device or a thousand Suitest will make automation a breeze. Starting from just 159 EUR per month.

The SoloCandy

Solocandy can be used in several ways
to make your work life easier.

With SuitestDrive

Just install SuitestDrive and connect your device through the SoloCandy.
For more information see docs.

With Raspberry Pi

Use the SoloCandy remotely with Raspberry Pi.
For more information see docs.

The SoloCandy
feature wrap-up

  • Supports any infrared based device
  • Automate unlimited devices from one account
  • Automate remote devices
  • Precise, collision-free infrared signal targeting
  • Built-in recorder for infrared codes
  • Extremely easy and user-friendly setup
  • Multiple SoloCandies within one SuitestDrive
  • Browser based virtual remote control
  • Mobile app virtual remote control (Android, iOS)
  • Record and replay key sequences
  • JavaScript and REST API's
SoloCandy - the automation hardware

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Starting from 159 EUR per month