Control all your infrared based devices with a web based universal remote.


Record and replay key sequences to handle maintenance tasks of any complexity.


Automate up to 40 TVs or set-top boxes with a single CandyBox. Collision-free.

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Start doing amazing things
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Network port of the CandyBox

Network port
Take it online

The CandyBox is connected to the Internet enabling you to operate your TVs and set-top boxes 24/7 from your Suitest account.

Our web-based remote control comes in especially handy when operating a remote device. Being connected to the network the CandyBox can tell if the TV is on and it can turn it on or off as needed.

CandyBox - infrared Control ports

Control port
One for every device

To begin with automation every TV (or other device) needs to be fitted with an infrared blaster. You connect those blasters to these control ports on the CandyBox. Regular network or telephone cables fit here. A CandyBox comes with 8 or 40 control ports.

All control ports are independent.

CandyBox - infrared signal emitter

Infrared emitter
Low power, high precision

This thing automates the device. It emits the same infrared signals as your traditional remote control. Just put it on top of the infrared receiver of your device. And don't worry the regular remote will still work if you need it.

The signal is targeted precisely at the device it is intended for. The adjacent devices will not be disturbed.

CandyBox - infrared signal recorder

Infrared recorder
Record your own driver

Suitest has a database of infrared codes for thousands of devices. Should you come across a device having a yet unknown set of codes, you can record the driver yourself. The process won't take longer than 3 minutes and Suitest will guide you through it.

CandyBox - the power relay for simulating powercuts

Power relay
Automate pulling the plug

Suitest can automate a scenario where the device power needs to be physically cut off. The power relay can be connected to one of the control ports aside the infrared emitter, so any of the devices can get power cut independently.

Virtual remote - works with any TV

Virtual remote
Time to automate

With the CandyBox up and running you are able to automate device control from your Suitest account. You get a Virtual Remote for interactive device control and the Test Editor for creating and replaying complex sequences of button presses.

Any device
from anywhere

Have some devices dusting up at the remote office?
Install the CandyBox there and put them to good use. With Suitest you can automate remote devices just as well as the local ones. All configured devices will show up in your Suitest account and you can connect and use them any time.

Big screen automation
easy and affordable

The CandyBox complemented by the other Suitest tools makes it easy to do device automation and TV app testing on big screen devices. Whether you have one device or a thousand Suitest will make automation a breeze. Starting from just 159 EUR per month.

The CandyBox
feature wrap-up

  • Supports any infrared based device
  • Automate unlimited devices from one account
  • Automate remote devices
  • Precise, collision-free infrared signal targeting
  • Built-in recorder for infrared codes
  • Extremely easy and user-friendly setup
  • 8 or 40 independent control ports
  • Browser based virtual remote control
  • Record and replay key sequences
  • Emulate power cuts
  • JavaScript and REST API's
CandyBox - the automation hardware

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