Automate on real devices

Run automated e2e test scenarios on a Smart TV or STB, Android (TV and mobile), Apple TV (tvOS), iPhone and iPad (iOS and iPadOS), Roku, Tizen, webOS, VIDAA, Vizio, Xfinity, Xbox (One, Series X/S) or PlayStation 4/5. Works with any infrared based device and in your browser.

Local and remote

Suitest can utilize devices located anywhere in the world for interactive sessions or automated parallel test execution.

For beginners and pros

Enjoy test automation with our state-of-the-art codeless visual test editor. Utilize JavaScript snippets for complex automation scenarios.

Do test automation
the easy way

Forget about selenium scripts, scattered Word files, email reports and the never ending re-testing.

You will love our visual test editor with an easy to use tooling, version history, result history and ever ready for instant test execution.

Suitest visual editor for test automation scenarios

Device fragmentation
is no longer an issue

Device fragmentation adds a great deal to the complexity of the testing process demanding more and more QA resources. Manual testing does not scale and big QA teams cost a lot of money. Test automation is the answer. And Suitest makes test automation easy.

Robust test cases

Suitest architecture makes your automation scenarios resilient against application changes which means massive reduction of future maintenance efforts.

Parallel test execution

Suitest can run test automation scenarios on 100+ devices, simulators or browsers in parallel. Get test results in a fraction of time from both local and remote devices.

Rich testing toolkit

Effortlessly make assertions on view elements, video playback, cookies, network activity without writing a single line of code. Or use JavaScript if you feel like it.

Super easy setup

Punch in your app's URL or upload your app to Suitest. And then... oh, hold on! That's all there is to it! You are ready to start testing!

Crossplatform testing

Write your test once and run on any platform - HbbTV, Freeview Play, LG webOS, Samsung Tizen, VIDAA, Vizio, Xfinity, Xbox (One, Series X/S), Android (TV and mobile), Apple TV (tvOS), iPhone and iPad (iOS and iPadOS), Roku, PlayStation 4/5 and many other platforms.

Meaningful results

Compare by device or by test time, view comprehensive reports and execution history. Get reports on network activity, console logs and more.

Appium support

Suitest allows users to run the tests written in Appium on Suitest supported platforms.

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Stable test automation
that scale!

Start doing test automation the easy way