What's new in Suitest?

13th March 2019 - Auto instrumentation for LG webOS and Roku platforms

Suitest is now able to inject the instrumentation library directly into the application package.

Auto instrumentation first stage
Auto instrumentation first stage
  1. Create a new configuration via Add configuration or change platform to either LG webOS or Roku platform.
  2. Select Inject the library automatically to activate automatic injection.
  3. Switch to the App details tab.

    Uploading app package
    Uploading app package
  4. On the App details tab, upload the application package.

  5. Save the configuration.

For more information please take a look at LG webOS instrumentation or Roku instrumentation.

11th March 2019 - Set text on Websites and visible action for HTML-based platforms

Checking element's visibility
Checking element's visibility

visible in JavaScript API:

await assert.element('logo').visible();

26th February 2019 - Set text on Android TV, Apple TV (tvOS) and Xbox One Native

Set text operation added for Android TV, Apple TV (tvOS), Xbox One Native and soon coming to Roku as well. Allows you to Set text of an element on the mentioned platforms.

Set login information
Set login information

setText in JavaScript API:

await assert.element('loginTextBox').setText('login@suite.st');
await assert.element('passwordTextBox').setText('myPassWord');

25th February 2019 - Configurable device power off

  • Devices can now be configured to turn off after a specific amount of inactivity (not connected and no tests running).
  • Possibility to not automatically turn off the device is also added.
Device inactivity power off
Device inactivity power off

21st February 2019 - Improvements of Apple TV and Android TV platforms

  • General improvements in the performance of Apple TV and Android TV devices.
  • Faster connection to Apple TV and Android TV devices.
  • Apple TV and Android TV devices can now be controlled via Virtual Remote Controller without an application running.
  • New version of SuitestDrive (1.5.10).

20th February 2019 - Boot sequence sleep function

For HbbTV / Freeview Play devices boot sequence is required to tune to the Suitest bootstrap channel. To make things easier we have added the Sleep(seconds) function into the boot sequence. The sleep function allows you to set between 1 and 60 seconds for the device to sleep before executing the next step in the sequence.

Boot sequence - Sleep function
Boot sequence - Sleep function

15th February 2019 - JavaScript API v1.7.2 released

await suitest.element('my-element').matches({
    [suitest.PROP.WIDTH]: 100,
    [suitest.PROP.HEIGHT]: 200,

13th January 2019 - JavaScript API v1.7.1 released

// Assertion
await suitest.assert.video().isPlaying();
// Element chains
await suitest.element({css: '#myVideo'}).isStopped();

18th December 2018 - Versions & Sharing

  • Released application versioning and sharing. More information.
  • Share versions to other organization based on organization ID. More information.
  • Create versions of an application, duplicate existing versions, apply and drop changes. More information.
Versions & Sharing
Versions & Sharing