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Suitest changelog can be found at Canny.io.

9th January 2020 - Canny integration for Suitest news and feature requests

  • All Suitest improvements and news will be shown at Canny.io changelog.
  • As a Suitest user, you can also request features at Canny.io.

Latest updates notification inside of Suitest

Request a feature directly from Suitest

6th January 2020 - Line screenshots on Android TV

Line screenshots are available on Android TV devices in automated mode (test packs). To start using screenshots, mark lines within the test editor. Make sure to update to the latest Android TV instrumentation library.

Test editor screenshots marking

19th December 2019 - Improvements to Slack notifications

Improved Slack notifications provide more information about Test packs and devices that were tested.

Slack message on test pack completion

Slack message on device failure

16th December 2019 - Improvements to configuration variables and excluded lines

  • Configuration variables can now be used anywhere within the Test editor and JavaScript API. The variables can be used in timeouts, counters, element properties etc.
  • Lines that are excluded inside of the Test editor are now also excluded when running tests in automated mode (Test packs).

9th December 2019 - Suitestify for Roku apps

Roku applications can now make use of Suitestify. Simply upload your package, enable Suitestify and add the domains that the application uses. Read more about Roku and Suitestify.

5th December 2019 - runTest for JavaScript API and element property changes

JavaScript API changes:

  • runTest() allows you to run tests that are created in the test editor directly from JavaScript API.

Changes in element properties selection:

  • Element properties are unfiltered by default, meaning all supported properties will be used for the selected element.
  • Selecting any properties will filter out the rest of the properties.
  • Only selected properties are shown when element is selected inside of the element repository.
  • Only selected properties will be added when element is used inside of the test editor.

3rd December 2019 - Drag and drop for tests and elements

Drag and drop tests directly into the test editor to create snippet lines.

Test - drag and drop

Drag and drop elements into the test editor to create assertion lines or fill in elements.

Elements - drag and drop

2nd December 2019 - Suitestify for LG webOS apps

LG webOS packaged applications can now make use of Suitestify. Simply upload your package, enable Suitestify and add the domains that the application uses. Read more about LG webOS and Suitestify.

27th November 2019 - Suitestify for HTML hosted apps, search by device owner, JavaScript async expressions

  • Our Suitestify feature is now available for all HTML hosted apps. Check the docs section to learn on how to enable it for your apps.
  • Device can be searched by device's owner.
  • JavaScript async expressions are supported inside of the test editor. Read more about JavaScript async expressions inside of Suitest.

15th November 2019 - Test editor interactive console

  • Restyled the console inside of the Test editor.
  • Added more information regarding network logs.

Console in Test Editor

Network logs in Test Editor

11th November 2019 - Management of recorded infrared buttons

  • Suitest now allows you to record or rewrite buttons which were either not recorded during initial device setup or were recorded incorrectly.
  • Read more in the recording specific device buttons section.

Custom Buttons - Manage

29th October 2019 - Xbox One network logs, Android TV and Roku console logs

23rd October 2019 - Roku RowList improvements

  • Improvements made to selection of items within the RowList element. Once one item is in an active/focused state, all elements within the row become selectable.
  • Improvements made to selection of PosterGrid, LabelList, CheckboxList, RadioButtonList, Video, ScrollableLabel, ScrollableText, Dialogs elements and their children.

10th October 2019 - Test pack round execution results

  • Added Executions tab to Test packs.
  • Added exporting to Microsoft Excel and PDF formats for Test pack round results.

Run test 10 times

12th September 2019 - SoloCandy is now supported by SuitestDrive

The SoloCandy can now be controlled via SuitestDrive.

  • Control the SoloCandy via SuitestDrive or Raspberry Pi.
  • The SoloCandy can be purchased for €29 even with the Free plan - check the pricing page for more information.
  • LG webOS platform is currently not supported when using the SoloCandy via SuitestDrive.

10th September 2019 - PlayStation 4 is now supported by Suitest

  • Support for PlayStation 4 TestKit or DevKit.
  • Support for HTML based WebMAF apps.
  • Control via USB - CEC Adapter and SuitestDrive.
  • Windows 10 host computer required.
  • Update to latest SuitestDrive (minimum 1.6.11).

Please find all the setup details in the PlayStation 4 devices docs and instrumentation details in PlayStation 4 app docs.

26th August 2019 - Run test exactly x times

  • Added functionality to run a test specific amount of times. Run test exactly
  • Renamed Run test always to Run test once

Run test 10 times

16th August 2019 - Run test until

The until condition allows for the looping of a test until some condition is met.

Run test "looping test" until an element exists but at most 10 times

8th July 2019 - Set text on Roku

Set text is now supported for Roku. Set text directly for TextEditBox elements.

Set text to application

3rd July 2019 - Line screenshots on Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One and Browsers

Line screenshots are available on Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One and Browser devices in automated mode (test packs). To start using screenshots, mark lines within the test editor.

Test editor screenshots marking

In your test packs schedule tab, set when to make screenshots.

Screenshots schedule tab configuration

Once your test pack has finished, you can view the screenshots in the results page under the test definition tab.

Results - test definition

11th June 2019 - Send text on Roku

Send text is now supported for Roku. Send text and actions directly to the application or to specific elements.

Send text to application

3rd June 2019 - Assertions on image loading state property

You can now assert on the loading state property of the image. You can check the following states: loaded, loading, error, unknown and empty. This property allows you to quickly check if the image element has been loaded correctly.

Image loading state property and possible expected states

15th May 2019 - Unified Interactive and Automation minutest into Testing minutes

In Suitest we aim to create the best, most intuitive product possible so you can focus on what you do best. Your feedback is essential to this process and this is why we decided to merge Automation and Interactive minutes into a single resource called Testing minutes, all thanks to customer feedback.

The change brings a number of benefits for you:

  • No confusion between Interactive and Automation minutes anymore.
  • Testing minutes will not be counted when you are connected to a device (Interactive mode) for device management purposes or just simply browsing inside the app using the virtual remote controller. You can be connected to your device as long as you want and not be charged any minutes until you start executing test lines.

Testing minutes will only be consumed during the following activities (for Suitest JavaScript API and Suitest web app):

  • Time spent for test execution in Automated mode.
  • Time of all tests and test lines running in Interactive mode (for own devices).
  • Time spent in Interactive mode on devices that are shared with you.

To make things sweeter, we are increasing the amount of spendable minutes for the Sweeter, Super Sweet and The Sweetest plans.

Subscription plan Current New
Sweeter 900 1000
Super Sweet 2000 2200
The Sweetest 4000 4500

Only the Automation minutes that have been spent will be transferred into Testing minutes, and all Interactive minutes used before this change will be disregarded.

25th April 2019 - Auto instrumentation for Xbox One HTML packages

Suitest is now able to inject the instrumentation library directly into an Xbox One HTML local context application package.

For more information please take a look at Xbox One instrumentation.

13th March 2019 - Auto instrumentation for LG webOS and Roku platforms

Suitest is now able to inject the instrumentation library directly into the application package.

Auto instrumentation first stage

  1. Create a new configuration via Add configuration or change platform to either LG webOS or Roku platform.

  2. Select Inject the library automatically to activate automatic injection.

  3. Switch to the App details tab.

    Uploading app package

  4. On the App details tab, upload the application package.

  5. Save the configuration.

For more information please take a look at LG webOS instrumentation or Roku instrumentation.

11th March 2019 - Set text on Websites and visible action for HTML-based platforms

Checking element's visibility

visible in JavaScript API:

await assert.element('logo').visible();

26th February 2019 - Set text on Android TV, Apple TV (tvOS) and Xbox One Native

Set text operation added for Android TV, Apple TV (tvOS), Xbox One Native and soon coming to Roku as well. Allows you to Set text of an element on the mentioned platforms.

Set login information

setText in JavaScript API:

await assert.element('loginTextBox').setText('login@suite.st');
await assert.element('passwordTextBox').setText('myPassWord');

25th February 2019 - Configurable device power off

  • Devices can now be configured to turn off after a specific amount of inactivity (not connected and no tests running).
  • Possibility to not automatically turn off the device is also added.

Device inactivity power off

21st February 2019 - Improvements of Apple TV and Android TV platforms

  • General improvements in the performance of Apple TV and Android TV devices.
  • Faster connection to Apple TV and Android TV devices.
  • Apple TV and Android TV devices can now be controlled via Virtual Remote Controller without an application running.
  • New version of SuitestDrive (1.5.10).

20th February 2019 - Boot sequence sleep function

For HbbTV/Freeview Play devices boot sequence is required to tune to the Suitest bootstrap channel. To make things easier we have added the Sleep(seconds) function into the boot sequence. The sleep function allows you to set between 1 and 60 seconds for the device to sleep before executing the next step in the sequence.

Boot sequence - Sleep function

15th February 2019 - JavaScript API v1.7.2 released

await suitest.element('my-element').matches({
    [suitest.PROP.WIDTH]: 100,
    [suitest.PROP.HEIGHT]: 200,

13th January 2019 - JavaScript API v1.7.1 released

// Assertion
await suitest.assert.video().isPlaying();
// Element chains
await suitest.element({css: '#myVideo'}).isStopped();

18th December 2018 - Versions & Sharing

  • Released application versioning and sharing. More information.
  • Share versions to other organization based on organization ID. More information.
  • Create versions of an application, duplicate existing versions, apply and drop changes. More information.

Versions & Sharing