Adding Vewd TV Emulator to Suitest

Suitest supports the Vewd TV Emulator for the emulation of HbbTV / Freeview Play applications. After setting up the Vewd TV Emulator you will be able to run automated end-to-end tests on HbbTV / Freeview Play apps.

The Vewd TV Emulator is operated by SuitestDrive. Before adding the emulator to your Suitest account, you need to pair your SuitestDrive with your organization.


Firstly download and install Oracle VirtualBox which will be used to launch the Vewd TV Emulator inside the virtual machine.

Once VirtualBox is installed, download the Vewd TV Emulator and open the disk image which will add the emulator to VirtualBox. Now you are ready to add the emulator to Suitest.

Add the Vewd TV Emulator to Suitest

In SuitestDrive press on Add browser or device. This will open the Add device wizard.

Adding Vewd TV Emulator
Adding Vewd TV Emulator

After selecting the emulator and pressing Next the rest of the process will complete automatically and the emulator will become available in your Suitest account.

Now that you have the emulator configured, it is time to instrument your app and start testing.